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4 Important Tips on How to Sell Puppies Online

You would think that finding homes for adorable little puppies would be effortless, but selling them online is not as easy as it sounds. You may be a novice or experienced breeder, but if you cannot advertise puppies properly, you won’t be able to reach more prospective buyers, and word of mouth can only get you so far. Here is everything you need to learn to sell puppies online.

Before You Start Advertising

There are a few essential things that you need to know first before you start advertising your puppies for sale, especially if you are a new breeder.


In the United States, you may need a dog breeding license, depending on where you live. Not all states require a license, but some ask dog breeders to acquire one based on different criteria, such as the number of litters they have per year. Many states have their own regulatory bodies that oversee dog breeding licensing, so you will have to do some research to learn what is required from you.

It is not illegal to breed dogs in Canada (with one exception), and you do not need a license to do so. However, there are a few rules you need to abide by, and failure to do so will result in severe penalties.

First, if you plan to advertise puppies as purebreds under the Animal Pedigree Act, you must register with the Canadian Kennel Club, Canada’s only registry for purebreds. You will receive a pedigree certificate that proves your dog’s breed value through the club. The certificate also showcases your dog’s genealogical history as the dog’s parents must also be registered with CKC or another recognized foreign club to obtain the certificate. It is illegal to advertise a purebred dog without a certificate or charge extra for the documents.

You will also need to register with CKC if you have more than three dogs (or four depending on where you live) in your household. By becoming a CKC member, you are also required to follow its regulations regarding your dogs’ living conditions.

You should know that you are prohibited from breeding pitbull dogs under the Dog Owners’ Liability Act in Ontario.


You must know in advance the market price for your breed. Prices can fluctuate, so you may have to do some extensive research first. It is helpful to consider what other competing breeders in your area charge for the same breed. To figure out the price of your puppies, you will also need to think about the dogs’ overall value. Do your puppies have the potential to become show dogs? Can they be used for breeding, or are they simply good companions? These details will determine what your price range will be.

You should also account for the veterinary care costs your puppies will receive. Before rehoming young dogs, it is standard practice for breeders to do an initial checkup, first vaccinations, and other important healthcare services.

Make A Contract

It is good practice to make a contract with a buyer to put in writing what your expectations of them are and what your responsibilities are in regards to the pup. Suppose you want to include a guarantee or other additional terms. In that case, you can state them in the contract, which will clarify the details of your transaction and will eliminate the possibility of any miscommunication. Furthermore, the agreement can include a breakdown of the sale price and what that includes, like veterinary care costs and other additional fees.

Start Advertising Early

While you should not sell a puppy before eight to 12 weeks old, you can start advertising as soon as possible. Securing a perfect new home for your puppy is important, and you may want to have a variety of potential buyers to determine which will be the best home for your little friend. Advertising early will help you draw more people in, which will allow you to be more selective. Moreover, if you have a larger litter, you will need to put more effort into promotion to ensure that each pup will have a home by the time they are ready to leave.

4 Important Tips

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1. Choose The Correct Platform

The most challenging step for breeders interested in selling their puppies is usually the first step. Many people do not know where to begin and which platform is the most appropriate to advertise their puppies. General online classified advertising websites offer a variety of things. Your ad might get lost because of the volume of the other ads.

Online puppy sale platforms are usually the best way to advertise your dogs as you can get access to the exact audience you need to target for a generally small fee. Puppy Connector makes advertising a fast and straightforward process. Potential buyers can easily search for the available puppies through the listings page, where ads offer several details about the available dogs. Interested individuals can search for their ideal puppy by different criteria such as breed, gender, age, etc.

Social media is another way people tend to think of when they want to reach out to many people. However, you should note that many social media platforms do not allow the buying or selling of pets between individuals through their personal pages. Puppy Connector has a big presence on several social media platforms, interest groups, and puppy fan forums, where future pet parents can easily find information on the available puppies featured on the website.

Experienced staff members support prospective buyers and match them with a puppy based on their individual needs, making the process quick and stress-free. Puppy Connector also promotes dog stud breeding services for interested future breeders.

2. Create A Classified Ad

While it is crucial to find the right place to advertise, you also need to make sure that you have a good ad that attracts people and includes all the necessary information.

Puppy Connector’s custom ad programming makes it easy for you to add your photos and content and share your listing on social media. Just make sure that you create one ad for each puppy. You can create as many ads as you need. Puppy Connector only charges a one-time, flat fee, and each ad will stay active for 45 days. If you can spend a little more on your ad for maximum exposure, you can upgrade to a Featured Ad, which places your picture in the home-page gallery for the first 21 days.

Use Visual Material

An ad needs to be visually appealing to attract a buyer. Of course, you are lucky since little puppies tend to catch people’s attention immediately. You should include at least one high-resolution photo of the puppy so the website visitors can view the advertised dog. You don’t need to go over the top with the photos; but the better the image, the more attention your ad will get.

Videos are also great content to include if your platform has that function. Through additional visual material, you can also showcase the dog’s parents so people can get an idea of what the puppy might look like as an adult.

Puppy Connector also gives you the chance to work with professional photographers that can take the picture for you and make sure that your ad is captivating.

Write A Brief But Comprehensive Description

While creating your ad, it is essential to include the necessary information that buyers might be looking for. It is important to add the puppy’s breed as people tend to look at that first. You must also mention if your dog is purebred or mixed since a purebred’s value would be higher and possibly more sought after. The age and sex of the dog are also important, especially if someone is looking for a dog that they can eventually use for breeding.

Other physical attributes should be mentioned, such as the coat, which can be very important to many people. Individuals with allergies would be looking for hypoallergenic breeds with non-shedding coats. These coats generally do not produce as much dander like other dogs, which is important since dander can be harmful to people with allergies. Therefore, it is an important attribute that you will need to include in your ad.

All the characteristics mentioned earlier can be easily listed within your ad without taking much space, keeping your ad brief and comprehensive.

Include Important Information

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People tend to gravitate towards ads that are shorter but also very informative. Some details can highlight your puppy from others, such as personality, health condition, etc. Differences between the advertised puppy and the others in the litter can also illustrate what makes them unique. For example, if your puppy is socialized early and has a good temperament, include this information for people who might be looking for a calmer pet, especially considering how certain pups are notorious for their early chaotic behavior.

Another important fact to mention is the parents’ health history. Adding that detail to your ad can reassure interested individuals that the puppy they are looking into buying won’t come with any surprising hereditary genetic conditions. Moreover, if you have already performed medical exams on the puppy to determine those conditions, you should include the results.

Have A Call To Action

One thing that many people tend to forget but is crucial to the success of their advertisement is the contact information. If you do not include clear instructions for people on where and how to contact you, this will hinder the process of selling.

Thankfully, Puppy Connector makes it very easy for a buyer to contact a seller as this process is automated. A buyer will only have to press a button prominently featured within the ad to get in touch with you.

Prove Your Credibility

Many people fall victim to puppy scams online. Scammers will pretend to be professional breeders or assume the identities of existing breeders online so they can steal from unsuspected individuals who are left with no puppies in their hands.

This is another thing you need to consider while creating your ad. You should formulate it to make it clear that you are indeed who you say you are and gain people’s trust immediately. It is essential to include the necessary information mentioned above, to prove your credibility as a legitimate breeder.

Scammers will use stock photos in their ads, offer non-secure methods of payment, low prices that do not correspond with the price market, and limited contact info. Therefore, as a seller, you should be willing to meet a prospective buyer soon after the first contact, and if you cannot meet in person, you can still offer a video call to show your puppies. Be patient and put in the time to answer all of their questions. It is your responsibility to present buyers with a full picture of what adopting your puppy will entail.

Thankfully, credible platforms such as Puppy Connector verify the legitimacy of the breeders they work with, protecting future pet owners.

3. Communicate Your Efforts

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A big part of the selling puppies involves the seller’s efforts to demonstrate their expertise and work to the buyer. If you are an experienced and reputable breeder, inform your prospective buyers of all the hard work you put into ensuring that your little puppies are healthy and well cared for.

Not all the information will be able to fit in an ad, so this is something that you can do once you meet the interested party. If a buyer decides to meet you, they are already interested, so it is your turn to show them why they should select one of your puppies.

Talk about how meticulous you are about your breeding program, promote your dog’s diet regime, show the environment the puppies reside and showcase any certificates or medical records you have, including the vet’s contact info. These will prove your dogs’ health condition. Providing a guarantee also shows that you are a reputable breeder and confident that your animals are in top condition. This will also build your reputation in the field.

It is also imperative to be honest early on about anything that might be wrong with a puppy. Even though a minor flaw might make your puppy slightly more difficult to sell, it would still prove that you are a responsible breeder if you talk about it upfront. Moreover, if you provide all the needed health verifications, some buyers might be willing to ignore a puppy’s flaw and even be drawn to it just for its uniqueness.

4. Screen Prospective Buyers

Even though it is important to gain the trust of prospective buyers for them to select your puppy, they also need to prove to you that they are reliable and will give the puppy the care it deserves. It is your responsibility that the puppy ends up in a good and loving home. You can do certain things to screen prospective buyers and make sure that you make the right choice on behalf of the puppy.

Many breeders request deposits soon after birth to secure homes for each puppy as early as possible. If someone is willing to pay a deposit, it shows they are already committed to gaining a new family member and don’t waste your time. You can also offer a rehoming fee for those who realize that they are not a good match for a puppy after the sale. This is meant to protect your puppies from getting abandoned.

Based on your expertise, you should inform the puppy buyer in advance what adult dogs of this breed usually need to live happy lives (environment, exercise, grooming habits, type of food, etc.). Once they know everything, you can ask questions to determine if they can meet these needs. Inquire about their expectations of the dog and then advise them if your puppy is what they are looking for. If you determine that they are not the right match, it is okay to decline their offer since your focus should be on the puppy.

Of course, you should note that an inexperienced pet owner is not necessarily a bad one. Do not reject new owners but instead ask about their lifestyles and how they plan to care for the dog. Everyone starts as a new pet parent at some point, so if you deem they have potential and are trustworthy, choose them. You can also suggest meet-and-greets between your parent dog and the puppy for the first few months to check on them.

How to Sell Puppies

As detailed above, there are a few steps someone has to go through first to sell their puppies online successfully. As a breeder, you need to make sure that you promote your animals properly. You also have to make an ad that showcases your legitimacy. However, a prospective puppy buyer will have to prove to you that they are worthy of your pup as well. By following our four main tips, you will be able to find a good home for all your little furry friends.