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If you are at the stage where you are ready to welcome a pet into your family, you are faced with a wide variety of choices from different breeders, making the selection process challenging. At Puppy Connector, you can find a reputable breeder in your area so that you can make the most informed decision when it comes to adopting a puppy. Here, you can view available puppies and ensure that they are vaccinated, vet checked, and dewormed so that bringing your new pet home can be a smoother process.


All About Bernedoodles

The Bernedoodle puppy was a hybrid dog developed by breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles together. The Bernese Mountain dog originates in Switzerland, and the Poodle is from Germany and France. The first Bernedoodle was born in 2003 and was bred solely for being a companion. This is an exceptionally loyal breed, and they require lots of love and attention to thrive and stay healthy. 


What Color Bernedoodle Puppies Are There?

Bernedoodle puppies come in a variety of colors and patterns with the rarest being bi-colored white and black. Sable, Phantom, and Merle patterns as well as solid white or black, are the other more common colors for Bernedoodles. The most coveted color Bernedoodles however are the tri-color variations. You may have to wait longer at other puppy placement services for these highly desired colors. At Puppy Connector, we work with multiple breeders that very often have tri-color litters. Adopting through us gives you a much higher chance of finding this popular color.  

How Big Are Bernedoodles?

On average Bernedoodles grow to be anywhere between 23-29 inches tall, and weigh about 45-50 pounds. This puts them on the medium side if you consider the sizes of the 2 breeds they are mixed with. Bernedoodles have an average life span of about 12-15 years when properly cared for. When they are placed in a home that has an environment conducive to their personality, they can even live longer in some cases.  

Are Bernedoodles High Maintenance?

The physical maintenance of a Bernedoodle can be relatively low, especially when compared to a show dog or typical poodle. Their fur/hair can be left shaggy and more natural looking instead of needing to go to the groomer every week. This gives them a cute puppy look that is low maintenance. This breed is considered to be hypoallergenic, but not quite as much as poodles. They usually shed very little to not at all if brushed on a regular basis.


A Bernedoodle’s need for attention on the other hand, is another story. These pups are very high maintenance emotionally as they were literally bred for companionship. If you are gone often, or not into sharing your couch with your fur friend, then A Bernedoodle may not be the best choice for you. If you do love to cuddle and bring your pup along for the ride, then this might be a great option. 

Are Bernedoodles Good With Kids?

Playful and lovable, these puppies are perfect pets for families and kids. Since they are so youthful, they get along great with babies and young children. They are a perfect puppy to get with small kids so they can grow up together. Bernedoodle dogs are smart dogs that are very easy to train due to the mix of breeds in them. They are the perfect combination of loving and playfully goofy. With proper training these pups are very obedient and very rarely aggressive.


How Much Do Bernedoodle Puppies Eat?

As with all puppies, we recommend following the guidelines on the food packaging you select, and confirming with your veterinarian for accurate feeding. Typically you will want to feed Bernedoodle puppies (12 weeks – 36 weeks) about 1 cup of food, 3 times a day (3 cups a day total). If they clear the cup of food in a meal, then add ¼ cup more. Monitor how fast they eat, and keep an eye on their overall appetite. As they grow the type of food they need will change depending on age and size. Make sure to get high quality nutritious food for the type of breed you have. 


Adult Bernedoodles can be fed 2 times a day instead of three with increased amounts based on weight. Meals should stay consistent each day to avoid emotional and health issues. By having consistent meal times, your dog can feel safe that they will have food and not need to scarf down everything they see. If your dog has what seems to be an insatiable appetite, then you can check a few things. Overeating in a dog is usually due to either the wrong kind of food (not getting enough nutrition), an illness (go to the vet), or just needing more calories from lots of activity. It’s important to know why your pup is so hungry to keep it healthy. 


How Much Exercise Do Bernedoodle Dogs Need?

We all know Bernedoodle puppies have lots of energy, but what about when they get older? How much exercise do Bernedoodles need? You can expect the hyperactivity and rambunctiousness of your Bernedoodle to calm down at about 2 years of age, or in some cases 9 months. Like all puppies, good training and plenty of activity will help to control excessive energy. While high energy is usually a good sign of health and happiness, it can sometimes come from anxiousness too. Making sure that your puppy gets lots of love and attention is vital. 


Puppies and dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy. Puppies should get at a minimal 15 minutes, 2-3 times a day of walking and playing. As they grow, their exercise needs will too. After 6 months your pup will need 30 minutes 2-3 times a day, then as an adult at least 30-60 minutes a day of exercise. Running, walking and playing catch with your dog daily will keep them calmer indoors, and more obedient. Letting your dog play with other dogs is the best way to tire them out quickly, and it is good for their emotional wellbeing to have a social life. 


Famous Bernedoodle Dogs

The first famous dog that might pop into your head is Beethoven, even though he isn’t a Bernedoodle. As you probably know, he is Saint Bernard. While the unique face shape and tri-color marking may look similar to the Saint Bernard, they are actually a totally different breed than the Bernese Mountain dog (which is one half of the Bernedoodle). The main difference between Saint Bernards and Bernese Mountain dogs, is their size. Saint Bernards are much larger than Bernese Mountain dogs. 


So which famous dog is a Bernedoodle? Unfortunately, there isn’t a Snoopy, Lassie, Dodger or Chance yet for the Bernedoodle breed. This might be because they are still a fairly new breed being only around 20 years old. There are however several Instagram famous Bernedoodles that would pretty accurately fit since it is born of the Social Media generation. Just look at @Bernedoodlesofinstagram for some cuteness overload and to get a better feel for this breed. Who knows, one day maybe your Bernedoodle will be featured here!


Ready To Adopt Your Bernedoodle?

Adopting is easy with Puppy Connector. Simply browse through the puppy profiles that are available for adoption, click the profile, and contact the breeder via the provided information. We never make you jump through hoops, typically the phone number and email are displayed for easy contact. If you ever have any issues using our connector platform, please reach out to our team for assistance. 

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