How Big Does A Goldendoodle Get?

If you have been wondering “How big does a Goldendoodle get?”, then you are in the right place! The size of a dog is an important factor that many pet owners care about when deciding which dog breed to get. If you’re thinking about getting a Goldendoodle puppy, you will want to take a look at this article as it shares some great insights to understanding how to gauge the size of your potential Goldendoodle. 

Of course, you can never guarantee what the full grown size of a puppy will be. However, there are several factors that can get you pretty close to predicting the size your potential pup will grow to be. The reason for the wide range in sizes is due to the fact that Goldendoodles are a cross-breed, and so how it is bred can have a big impact on the dog’s size and weight as an adult.

Depending on how it was bred, a Goldendoodle’s size can vary drastically from 13-24 inches, and could weigh anywhere from 15 to 90 pounds.

The reason for the wide range in sizes is due to the fact that Goldendoodles are a cross-breed, and so how it is bred can have a big impact on the dog’s size and weight as an adult. Keep reading to learn more about variations in size.

Goldendoodle Size Chart

The biggest factor that impacts a Goldendoodle’s size is how it is bred. One advantage of adopting your puppy from a qualified breeder on Puppy Connector, is that you will have access to more details about your puppies breeding mix and the amounts from each parent. Here’s a handy chart to show approximately how big an adult Goldendoodle dog gets, depending on its breed type.

Breed Type Adult Height Adult Weight
Miniature Goldendoodle 14-18 in (35-45 cm) 20-35 lb (9-16 kg)
Small Standard Goldendoodle 16-21 in (40-53 cm) 40-50 lb (18-23 kg)
Standard Goldendoodle 20-25 in (51-63 cm) 55-90 lb (25-40 kg)

When Do Goldendoodle Puppies Stop Growing?

Most Goldendoodle puppies grow the most during their first 6-7 months, and after that their growth starts to level off gradually.Mini Goldendoodles typically stop growing completely (meaning they’re considered an “adult”) at the 9 or 10 month mark, although some keep growing as long as 11 months.

Standard Goldendoodles reach their peak of growth around 11 or 12 months and finish growing completely by month 15 or 16.

How Big Are Goldendoodle Puppies?

Depending on the breed, Goldendoodle puppies can weigh as little as 6 pounds (Mini Goldendoodle) or as much as 10 pounds (Standard Goldendoodle) at 8 weeks of age. At 16 weeks, these puppies can range from 14 to 25 pounds. If you are set on having the smallest Goldendoodle possible, then opting for a mini is the way to go! While Standard Goldendoodles are considered a medium size breed, they will always be bigger than a mini Goldendoodle. 

Are Goldendoodles Bigger Than Golden Retrievers?

No, in fact some Goldendoodle breeds are smaller than Golden Retrievers.Golden Retrievers typically reach their full weight of 70 pounds and height of 20-24 inches by year 2. That’s comparable to a Standard Goldendoodle’s adult size of 55-90 pounds and 20-25 inches tall by 1 year. However, Mini Goldendoodles peak out at 20-35 pounds and 14-18 inches tall by 11 months, which is much smaller than an adult Golden Retriever.

Unlike Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles are a cross breed which results in a very wide range of sizes and weights. So depending on the breed, some Goldendoodles are bigger (although this is more rare), some are the same size, and some are smaller than Golden Retrievers.

What Size Goldendoodle Do You Want?

For some people, 10 inches in height and between 30-50 pounds in weight makes all the difference in which puppy they can adopt. It may be the rules where you live, or just the amount of space you have that determines the size of dog you can have. Or, maybe you just aren’t able to exercise your dog enough to have a larger dog. Other people just prefer smaller dogs to larger ones due to preference of travel capabilities. 

Whatever your reason for wanting a smaller or larger dog, rest assured you can choose by understanding the different nuances in this breed. For those that want an easy to travel with, small puppy, opt for a mini Goldendoodle. If you like to run and play with your dog, and have a large space and backyard, then a full size Goldendoodle may be the perfect choice for you. 

Goldendoodles and Children

If you are looking for a family dog that can run and play with the kids, then a standard is more preferable as mini Goldendoodles can’t keep up the same way a larger dog can. While they are super adorable, mini Goldendoodles don’t have the same ability to run and play that standards do. Make sure you select your pup based on environment and lifestyle you have to avoid behavior and emotional issues for your pup later on. 

Both breeds are sweet and can become well adapted to live with children and families. Deciding whether to go standard or mini really just comes down to how much space and time you and your family have to play. It also depends heavily on the schedule you keep. If you are home all day, then a standard might be fine since you can be with them. If you travel often, you may consider a mini as you can easily bring them along. 

Ready To Get Your Goldendoodle?

No matter what size or breed dog you choose, just make sure to do your research. If a dog breed requires more attention or exercise, then take that warning seriously. If you get a dog that needs 1-2 hours a day of exercise, then keep it cooped up in the house, you will see serious behavior issues. The health of your dog will also suffer. Choose your new furry friend based on having compatible lifestyles. There are plenty of dogs that can’t have over an hour of exercise like “lap dogs” which are perfect for those that aren’t as mobile, and stay indoors more. 

There is a perfect puppy match for everyone in every type of lifestyle. If you need help deciding, call our caring team of experts, or one of the breeders you see listed on puppy connector. 

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