Puppy Photography Services for Sellers

Our puppy photography service ensures that your pup’s character & charm shine through to prospective buyers. Getting your dog or pet to pose in just the right way for a picture can be difficult and frustrating. That’s where a professional puppy photographer can help!

Our photographers are trained to know how to get the right poses to bring out the best in your pet. This means you’ll have less stress to deal with, and a more professional finished product to work with to help you sell your puppies.

When you list your puppies for sale on our website, our professionally captured photos of your pet will help you attract the right buyer who will be a good match for the dog.

At Puppy Connector, we provide professional puppy photography, available in two photo service packages:


  • 3 Photos
  • Listings on 3 platforms
  • Video of the litter


  • 5 photos
  • Listings on 5 platforms
  • Video of the litter

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Do I Need Professional Puppy Photography Done?

Getting professional photos of your puppy for their listings can help you to get noticed quicker and can allow you to charge a higher premium. When people see professional shots of the puppies, they are more likely to click and want to see more. They see the value you have placed on your services/ puppies and that you are a professional dog seller or breeder. 

Of course you don’t need to get professional photos done to do well on the Puppy Connector website, but we have noticed that they do help to sell puppies faster and get more attention. People want to know that they are getting their puppy from someone willing to invest in their product and services. The photos are your first impression and will in a way pay for themselves.

What Types Of Puppy Photos Do You Take?

If you have browsed the Puppy Connector website, you probably noticed that there are several types of puppy poses and action shots our puppy photographers like to feature. We recommend getting a main shot of the puppy’s face, usually sitting down and smiling. We often have the puppies sitting in the grass, or in the garden with flowers around. 

Another shot that is popular for the main shot is face on with your puppy standing. We like to get an action shot of the puppy having fun and playing if the package selected permits it. Our professionals know how to make your puppy comfortable so they can capture their unique personality and utmost cuteness. 

What Makes Great Puppy Photography?

When it comes to photography, there is a lot to know about how to get great results and really capture a moment. Things like lighting, framing, background and aperture are all factors when it comes to getting the perfect pet photo. You may have noticed how difficult it is to get a shot of your puppy especially when they are moving. Photos often come out blurry, or the pup might even blend into the background. 

Blurry or poorly cropped photos could result in creating distrust from a potential buyer. A great puppy photo will be clear, framed well, and organized as a series highlighting the most important factors. When our team photographs your puppy, we will make sure to get all of your pup’s cutest angles, and signs of health. Poorly shot photos can make a puppy appear to be unhappy or unhealthy even when they aren’t. When people are spending money and finding a new family member, they will skip over any options that seem uncertain. Get clear photos that showcase your puppies’ health and happiness. 

How Do I Get Professional Photos of My Puppy?

If you are ready to get your professional photos done for your puppies, then give us a call to learn more and set up an appointment. We make it easy to decide on which package and options you want. We offer 3 or 5 photo packages and ad placement options to fit your needs and budget. Investing a bit more upfront will usually pay off by attracting higher price point buyers that act quicker. Our goal is to help you find a forever home for all of your puppies now and in the future. Call our team of professionals today to get started! 

What Is A Video Of The Litter?

Potential puppy adoption candidates like to get as much information about their new pup as possible. Now you can create a video of the litter your puppy came from, to show how their personality shines and fits in with others. Showing your puppy’s family and the litter they came from is heartwarming as well as educational to potential buyers. 

Adopting is a big decision and having this video on your puppy’s profile will give the extra nudge adopters need. It will also help them decide easier if you have several pups from the same litter available. Similar to the photos, getting high quality videos can be a challenge. Let our photographers and videographers get great clear video imagery while they get the still shots all in one session. 

How Long Does It Take To Get My Photos?

Getting your photos can be fairly quick and easy. The first step is to give us a call so we can find out more about which services you need, and for how many listings. We have photographers ready to help you get your puppies live as soon a s possible because we know that time is of the utmost importance when it comes to getting your pups adopted into their forever homes. 

As soon as you call to schedule your appointment, we can get the process started. You will coordinate your availability and reserve your spot. Fortunately in this digital age, we can get your images to you quickly after your photoshoot. The editing process is simple as we have lots of experience capturing great puppy photos. 

What Is The Best Age To Photograph My Puppy?

In most cases you will see that the puppies listed are around 5-6 months old. By scheduling your photoshoot ahead of time, you can have your photos and listing up and ready to go so that your puppies are still young. Most people looking to adopt want puppies around this age as you know, so it is good to have the most current photos available to give buyers and adopters an accurate idea of what the puppy will look like when they meet.

Getting puppy photography done at this age also gives you a better chance at capturing photos and video of the entire litter, before you start to sell any. Once your pups are adopted, you will wish you had gotten some photos of the whole litter while you had a chance to show your potential buyer. 

Ready To Get Your Puppy Photography Scheduled?

If you are ready to get your puppy photos done, or if you have questions about the process still, give us a call today! We are where to help make your puppy business the best it can be and to simplify the process as much as possible. 

Call to schedule your professional pet photographer today!

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