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Why List Your Stud Online?

Traditionally, people looking to breed their dams (female dogs) have looked to conformation (dog shows) to find top notch reliable options for a stud dog. These days it is much easier with online stud finding and listing services like Puppy Connector. When it comes to listing your stud, you will want to make sure to highlight his abilities, obedience, and health. Just like in live dog shows, potential dog parents want to see that they are getting a quality breeding option for their dam. 

You can list your stud in magazines or newspapers, but in today’s quick changing world, listing online is the best way to ensure you get more views and qualified potential matches. You want to make sure that your stud is matched with high quality dams, just like their owner is looking for quality studs. Healthy litters are the goal of both dog parents. Listing online with Puppy Connector allows you to post pictures and videos, and easily create a professional ad in no time. Reach a large database of existing dog owners that are searching for your services today. 

How Much Should I Charge For My Stud Dog?

Deciding what to charge for your dog stud service can be challenging. You want to first research the demand for the breed of dog you have. If you have a purebred, you will be able to charge more than a mixed breed dog. This is because if bred properly with another purebred, the puppies produced will be worth more. There are plenty of female dog owners that don’t necessarily mind choosing a mixed breed dog for their stud services, and that might even prefer it. 

Take a look at our listings to get some insight of what to charge. Many of our studs are listed between $500-$1500. Please make sure to read the profile and call to ask questions. Some stud owners offer multiple mating sessions, and others might not. Make sure to get very clear terms before setting up your mating appointment. If you are unsure of how much to charge for your stud services, feel free to reach out to our team for help. 

How Often Should My Stud Dog Mate?

There is no limit to how many times a dog can be used as a stud, however you will want to practice ethical mating. Pay attention to your dog’s behavior and keep his health at top priority. Breeding too much can create a strong personality change in your dog, and could risk diminishing the value of your dog’s litters. While they are different from females in that they can physically breed without limitations, you still want to be responsible.

When studding your dog with a dam, you will typically want to provide 2 matings/stud services 24-48 hours apart. This ensures the best chances of pregnancy. When creating your pricing, make sure to clarify exactly what is included in the service (how many matings). Keep in mind that when a dog mates with many dams, they can become more and more focussed on mating. So proceed with caution to keep your dog healthy and balanced. 

Do I Need A License To Breed My Stud?

If you plan to breed 3 or more litters in a 12 month period, you will need a dog breeding license. You will also need a license if you are advertising as a dog selling or breeding business.  Getting a license can be quick and easy, and is actually a good thing. By requiring a breeder/dog seller to have a license, we can eliminate saturation and build trust for buyers and adopters. 

Can I Advertise Stud Services On Facebook?

While many people turn to Facebook and Facebook Marketplace to sell and buy items directly to the local community, animal listings are prohibited. Too many unregulated services and puppy listings were diluting the safety and integrity of breeding and stud services. In order to find quality matches for your dogs, you want to choose a reputable company like Puppy Connector that screens users for best practices and responsible dog breeding and mating. 

Does Studding A Dog Change Them?

Studding your dog can change their temperament and behavior. If you follow basic guidelines of how often to breed your dog, and best practices to follow, you will not usually see much difference in their personality. However, if you over breed and mate them, they can become aggressive towards same sex dogs, and fixated on breeding constantly. This creates issues everytime you take your dog out to a public space with other dogs. Never over breed your dog in attempts to profit off of them. 

How Old Must A Dog Be To Stud It?

A dog can stud as young as 6-9 months of age. This should be done with caution as you can affect the temperament of your dog by studding them too young. It is best to wait until at least a year of age when possible. Certain dogs don’t reach sexual maturity until at least a year, and some breeds haven’t fully grown yet. 

By trying to stud your dog before he reaches maturity, you may lose trust in the stud space, and harm your dog. Dog owners looking to find a stud for their dam should be aware of dog owners looking to stud their dog too young. This can be a red flag that they don’t care about ethical breeding or the health and safety of either dog. Waiting until at least 1 year of age is best practice.  

How Much Can A Dog Stud?

Male dogs at full maturity can breed multiple times a day. However, for maximum sperm count and best results they should not mate more than twice in a day. Depleting your dog’s sperm by overmating can lead to fewer pregnancies and disappointed dam owners. Most successful breeders recommend only studding your dog every other day or every 2-3 days at most. 

Can My Family Dog Be A Stud Dog?

Oftentimes healthy male dog owners wonder if their dog can be used as a stud. The answer is yes! If you have a male dog that has great health and all of his records and documents, you may very well be able to successfully stud your dog. While there are no guarantees that your dog will be selected by dam owners, the cost to list is minimal, so there isn’t much risk. It might be worth trying to list your dog to see if there is any interest. We recommend listing for at least 6-12 months to be able to give sufficient time for potential matches to find you. Make sure to acquire your license before listing if it is required by your local laws. 

Ready To List your Stud Dog?

Listing your stud dog is easy! Simply click here and create a free account. From there you can select the ad tier you wish and create your dog’s profile listing. If you get stuck at any point, feel free to call  or contact our team for help. Setting up your dog’s profile and ad is quick and easy. Making sure you have high quality photos will help you to get more views and top dollar for your stud services. Video is also a great way to show your dog’s personality to potential matches. Puppy Connector offers photography services to help you get the best quality profile you can. Contact us today for more information.