March 24, 2021

7 Dog Breeds That Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Even though all dog breeds are beautiful, and you won’t go wrong with choosing any of them, there are seven dog breeds that can give your mental an extra boost.

Woof, woof! Oh, what a joyful sound! When you’re sad, you can always count on that little woof of support from your furry friend. The amount of joy they can carry in their fluffy bodies is unmeasurable. It can heal the biggest wounds on the soul. We’ve known for a long time that dogs are human’s best friends. As such, they can be our little therapists who don’t talk but whom we need at some point in our lives. Even though all dog breeds are beautiful, and you won’t go wrong with choosing any of them, there are seven dog breeds that can give your mental an extra boost.

1. Siberian husky is one of the best dog breeds that can benefit your mental health

Since we’re in winter blues, we’ll start this article with these hyperactive snowballs. Huskies are an excellent presentation of what a man’s best friend should be like. They are loyal and always hungry for snuggles. You simply can’t help but smile over their goofy little faces when they lay on their back and offer you their stomach with that ”pet me, hooman” attitude. Huskies also adore hikes, especially in the winter. So, if you give in to their wishes, you’ll be sure to be physically active and healthy, plus you’ll get a free dopamine boost every time you see them play.

However, it’s important to note that huskies are more compatible with houses with a lot of outdoor space and a little colder climate. Constricting them to a tiny apartment space can only be a cruel struggle for both your husky and you.

A little husky
It may come as a surprise, but this big bad wolf is one of the dog breeds that can benefit your mental health.

2. Staffy will bring you joy and energy

Staffordshire bull terriers are hyperactive lightning bolts that are charged with happiness and will surely brush some off you. For decades, people have seen Staffies as a tough breed. People abused them for dog fights (like their cousins’ Pitbulls). But all Staffy wants to do is run like there’s no tomorrow and steal the treats out of your pocket. It’s essential to give them a good workout every day. So, this can be an excellent motivation for you to start running every morning. That way, you’ll stay in great shape and experience enormous love. Both of these will, over time, majorly improve your mental health.

Bullies are not bullies at all

When we talk about Staffords, we can’t go on without mentioning their cousins, Pitbulls. Pitties can be great for your mental health too. They are protective and more sensitive to human emotion. But, this breed’s behavior is so emotion-driven that they need a stable owner to guide them through it. Pitties should not be handled by people that have anger issues because they’ll soak in all of it.

3. Golden retrievers are golden for therapy

Although some individuals like some breeds more than others, it would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t appreciate golden retrievers. There’s a good reason why golden retrievers are second only to labrador retrievers in popularity among therapy, guide, and rescue dogs. Almost always, they have beautiful, pleasant, and approachable personalities. Those struggling with mental health might benefit significantly from having a golden labrador at their side.

In recent years health care professionals have found that these golden bundles of joy can be significant emotional support for recovering from addictions and other disorders (so-called dual diagnosis). If you’re one of them, you may consider getting a golden retriever as a support. But, please, first find the expert help to guide you on recovery.

4. Yorkie

Yorkshire terriers have an unwavering devotion to their people. If you’re depressed, you may find comfort in their constant need to be close to you. Having a dog that is both intelligent and loving makes training a breeze. Generally speaking, Yorkies are pretty friendly and get along well with new people. Also, they have a natural affinity for working with young people. Due to their small size, they are easily portable.

A puppy of Yorkshire terrier
This little furry ball’s life mission is to make everybody happy around them.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

As far as dog breeds go, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are up there with the cutest of the bunch. This breed has long been a fan-favorite for folks battling anxiety and depression because of its mild-mannered, calm, and friendly temperament.

When they are in natural environments, their spaniel instincts often take control. They may spend hours skipping joyfully around the woods, which is excellent for those who have trouble getting themselves to go outside for extended periods. Both people and spaniels benefit significantly from regular physical activity.

6. Maltese

The Maltese may be the perfect companion animal for you if you need a little, white, cuddly companion with huge, soulful eyes. Aside from cuddling up on your lap, they are the center of attention at every gathering, no matter how little. Since Maltese form strong bonds with only one person, they are great pets for someone living alone. They won’t be able to provide medication, but they’ll offer you a nice kiss or a snuggly muzzle to help you relax.

7. Pugs

Pugs are one of the most cheerful dog breeds despite their appearance, which might be mistaken for perpetual scorn or grumpiness. In addition, Pugs are great companion animals since they’re:

  • sociable
  • intelligent
  • simple to teach

They are among the most popular dog breeds due to their adorable personalities and tiny size.

A pug puppy
Who would’ve thought this grumpy face was just a façade for the most cheerful doggo?

Final thoughts on dog breeds that can benefit your mental health

You won’t make a mistake if you choose any of these seven dog breeds that can benefit your mental health. However, we must say that all dogs have their strong suits in making human life better and happier. So, make sure to consider all of the fluffy companions and find out why exactly they are the man’s best friends.