Health Guarantee

At Puppy Connector, we believe in prioritizing the health and well-being of every puppy. Our Health Guarantee is designed to provide peace of mind, assuring you that all listed puppies are vaccinated and have been vet-checked by the sellers.

We also have a clear protocol in place for addressing the unlikely event of genetic disorders. Below, you'll find more details about our comprehensive Health Guarantee.


The Puppy Connector Health Guarantee

Vaccination Assurance
Every puppy listed on Puppy Connector comes with an assurance from the seller that they are current on vaccinations. This includes necessary vaccinations relevant to the puppy's age and breed, and you'll receive comprehensive details about the shots and worming treatments given to the puppy at the time of purchase.
Health Check Commitment
Sellers on Puppy Connector are committed to offering only healthy puppies. This means that, to the best of their knowledge, the puppy is in good health at the time of the sale. You'll receive verbal information about your puppy's general health, including bathing routines and any specific treatments that your new pet might have received.
Medical Records Transparency
Transparency is key in our operations. To this end, sellers are required to provide either a hard copy of your puppy's medical records or make them available to you on-site. This includes vaccination records, worming treatment details, and any other relevant medical history.
Post-Purchase Veterinary Examination
To ensure the continued health and well-being of your new puppy, we encourage you to have your pet examined by a state-licensed veterinarian within 10 days of purchase. This visit is an important part of making sure your puppy settles into its new home comfortably and healthily, and any costs will be at your expense.
Protocol for Genetic Disorders
We take every measure to ensure that all puppies on Puppy Connector are healthy, but in the unfortunate case that your puppy is diagnosed with a genetic disorder, we have a clear protocol in place. Upon providing us with the veterinary reports and a spay/neuter certificate, the seller will offer a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value. It's important to note that you are expected to return the initial puppy to the seller before a replacement is provided. Any costs related to transportation or shipping of the replacement puppy will be your responsibility.
Limitations and Exclusions
While we aim to provide comprehensive coverage, our Health Guarantee does not cover non-genetically derived faults, diseases, or disorders resulting from negligence or abuse. In addition, if a puppy is purchased with known and disclosed (or evident) defects, cosmetic faults, or genetic disorders, the seller is not liable for any medical costs associated with the treatment or therapy of the puppy. In such cases, the buyer will be responsible for all associated expenses, waiving all rights to a replacement puppy.

At Puppy Connector, our primary goal is to ensure that each puppy finds a happy and healthy home. We appreciate your understanding of our Health Guarantee, and we're excited to help you find your perfect puppy companion.

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