March 24, 2021

Best Small Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Whether your kids cry often about it or you’re just lonely, there are some great small dog breeds for apartment living that can solve your struggles.

”Mom, mom, can we please get a dog?” – ”Oh, honey, we can’t. We don’t have enough space for it.” Sounds familiar? This is one of the most common conversations in families that live in an apartment. This kind of lifestyle has its limitations. However, it doesn’t always mean that you need to give up the idea of owning a dog. Whether your kids cry often about it or you’re just lonely, there are some great small dog breeds for apartment living that can solve your struggles.

His Royal Highness – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This delicate breed thrives on human companionship and is much admired for its fine manners. (And who could say no to that smile?) Because of their gentle demeanor and their fondness for people and other animals, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are excellent apartment dogs. In addition, since they are a toy breed, they will shed very little as long as you give them a weekly brushing. Also, you should expect to take your dog to the park frequently so that they may run about and socialize with other dogs and get daily exercise.

A cute dog looking up
Who can resist these puppy eyes? Once you lock eyes with them, it will be love at first sight.


The English Bulldog has a well-deserved reputation for having qualities such as:

  • Being kind
  • Being brave
  • Being a fiercely protective companion to its human family

What’s even better? These bulldogs are great for condos since they don’t need a lot of activity to save daily walks and the odd vigorous playtime.

Let’s not forget about Frenchies

French Bulldogs, popularly known as “Frenchies,” are adorable, sociable, and generally upbeat pets who fare well in urban environments. They are low-maintenance pets that don’t bark excessively and share the low activity needs of their English Bulldog kin. As a result of their friendly, gregarious natures, they are very terrific with kids and strangers alike. However, you should be aware that Frenchies do not perform well in harsh climates, particularly the heat. It’s important to have air conditioning if you’re going to invite someone into your little room during the summer.

Mornings with a little Pug and a huge mug of coffee

Pugs are one of the greatest little dog breeds to have as pets because they are friendly and docile, and their small size makes them great for living in small spaces. These canine clowns need a lot of walking time since they are naturally inquisitive and like to check out everything around them. They are fast to unwind and chill down once they’re back in their own environments. They are great compliments to families with other pets because of their friendly disposition and adaptability. Pugs can be a bit pricey, but once you welcome them, it’s worth the price.

Chihuahua – your little protector

Do you want a little puppy that’s really adorable and has a healthy dose of attitude? The Chihuahua is the dog for you! Because of their small size (which makes them easier to transport if you’re always on the go!) and low activity needs, Chihuahuas are often ranked among the top apartment dogs. Chihuahuas do OK in homes with kids and other pets as long as their human companions give them plenty of attention and play with them often.

Also, if you’re moving a lot, chihuahuas might be the right breed for you. They adapt quickly, and they are, as we’ve mentioned, very easy to transport. Pro movers say that they might be the best for moving with pets. You can get them to your new home with no trouble, especially with a little help from experts.

A Chihuahua in the shower
Huge heart and the lack of fear make these little fellas unique.

Miniature Pinschers are some of the best small dog breeds for apartment living

Miniature Pinschers are the perfect dog size for flats, condominiums, and other tiny living spaces. Even though “Min Pins” seem like little Dobermans, they really descend from Dachshunds and Greyhounds and are a far older breed. Although they are excellent guard dogs, this breed requires experienced owners who can channel their high levels of intellect and drive. Obedience training is beneficial for Min Pins, particularly if they will be left alone for lengthy periods of time.

Yorkie will brighten up your days

A Yorkshire Terrier, or “Yorkie,” as they are more generally known, is a little dog with a huge personality. The appeal of Yorkies as companion animals dates back to the Victorian period, and it shows no signs of waning in the modern age. Their high levels of excitability are easily managed with regular walks, and they need nothing in the way of upkeep beyond the occasional cleaning to remove dog hair off furniture due to their minimal shedding.

A Shih Tzu

What could be better than a dog that is categorized as a “toy breed” for those who are limited by living in an apartment or condo? While the care required for a Shih Tzu’s long, flowing coat is time-consuming and labor-intensive, the breed’s docile demeanor and adoring nature make it worthwhile. Shih Tzus are wary of strangers yet at ease in their own homes and enthusiastic snugglers with their favorite humans.

Dachshund – a little hot dog from Germany

Did you know that Dachshunds were originally developed in Germany as a hunting breed? More than three hundred years later, this little but lively breed is a popular option for families everywhere, particularly those living in smaller quarters like condominiums and flats. Because of their high intelligence, Dachshunds tend to become bored quickly. When faced with boredom, they might chew your furniture. So, make sure there is a lot to do for them if you intend to leave them alone for extended periods.

A dachshund lying on the bed.
This little chill hot dog is one of the perfect small dog breeds for apartment living.

Bottom line

Those were some of the best small dog breeds for apartment living. Pick your own favorite and welcome a new member into your family! It will be an adventure with some ups and downs, but you’ll make a friend for life along the way.