March 23, 2021

What to Consider Before Getting a Maltese Puppy

Little, puffy, adorable snowballs – when American parents consider getting a puppy for their kids, Maltese puppies are first to come to mind. Here is something to consider before getting a Maltese puppy.

Little, puffy, adorable snowballs – when American parents consider getting a puppy for their kids, Maltese puppies are first to come to mind. This dog breed is one of the most popular ones. But, owning one is still not for everyone. Here is something to consider before getting a Maltese puppy.

It’s not a toy

The first thing we need to say is the most important one. Little furry Maltese puppies may seem like cute stuffed animals. But they are very much alive, and you should treat them like every other living being. The number one reason for getting a Maltese puppy is getting it as a gift for a child. Unfortunately, many kids easily get tired of dogs as they cannot commit, and the whole family abandons the poor dog.

The first thing you need to ask yourself before getting a Maltese puppy is – can you spend the next 12 to 15 years taking care of a living being? If not, it’s better to give your little one a stuffed animal for a birthday or any other alternative.

They are perfect companions for kids, but – they are not toys

They’re devoted and loyal

There is a solid reason why Maltese are so common in American households. They are witty, lively, and lovable. Despite their moderate manners, these dogs make excellent guard dogs for their owners.

Similarly, Maltese is considered one of the most devoted toy dog breeds, frequently seen by their owner on the sofa or following them along the sidewalk. Maltese are common passengers on planes since they can’t stay long without their owners. Maltese are prone to separation anxiety because of their high need for human companionship.

It’s important to socialize with them

The Maltese have no fear. They are pretty at ease approaching strange canines and humans. A Maltese is an excellent choice for families seeking a dog with many friends. Early and extensive socialization is essential for Maltese, as it is for dogs of all breeds. Introduce them to different environments as soon as you feel safe, including people, animals, scents, and sights.

When getting a Maltese puppy, health is a crucial thing to consider

In discussions about purebred dogs, health is always a primary concern. Overbreeding has led to several serious health problems in numerous popular breeds.  The Maltese dog is a medium breed on a scale of good health. Unfortunately, many people in the industry are unreliable and careless, and they produce Maltese puppies without considering the welfare of the animals. So, you need to be careful where you buy your puppy.

As for health, here are some of the most important things to watch out for:

  • reverse sneezing
  • white dog shaker syndrome
  • dislocation of the hip and elbow (also known as dysplasia)
  • Willebrand’s anemia
  • thrombopenia
  • hypoglycemia
  • tracheal collapse

Prepare for regular checkups

Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor questions about these and other health issues that might affect Maltese puppies, and keep up with their routine checkups so you can stay ahead of any problems that may occur.

What is a perfect setup for them?

A Maltese makes a beautiful pet in either an apartment or a home. Despite their high energy levels, their diminutive stature means they can easily navigate a restricted area. They tend to be watchful and protective, which makes them outspoken. For instance, a Maltese may need more time in obedience training if your flat is near busy stairs. Their unwavering attachment to their owner, one of the reasons they are so popular, drives their natural impulse to guard the home.

With the right tools, Maltese puppies can thrive in any urban or rural environment. However, in colder areas, they may choose to (or be forced to) wear a sweater or spend more time inside.

Picking cute sweaters is the fun part of getting a Maltese puppy.

Make room for them

Even though they are quite small, Maltese puppies are energetic and require a lot of space. To be more precise – decluttered space. If you want your pup to live a free and happy life in your house or apartment, make sure you don’t have a lot of stuff it can tumble over on your floors. Putting some things away is also essential for you – you don’t want to worry whether they will break that expensive antique vase while running. A great solution for pet owners can be contacting storage professionals and renting a self-storage facility.

This breed requires regular grooming

Taking care of the Maltese’s lovely mane is an absolute must. Regular use of a detangling spray and conditioning oil, in addition to daily brushing and combing, is suggested. It should take a bath once a week.

Also, examine your Maltese ears for any signs of illness, and don’t overlook the importance of keeping the dog’s nails trimmed.

Are you suitable for Maltese?

Despite their small stature, Maltese make excellent walking companions and thrive in agility training with their owners. If you’re also a patient who will devote your time to the proper training of your puppy, you might just be a perfect match.

Generally speaking, Maltese don’t fare well when left alone for extended periods and need a lot of attention and care from their owners. They are wonderful pets for families and even for lonely elders. Self-employed or retired would be ideal owners of this type of dog.

Think about whether your lifestyle matches the dog’s needs.

Final thoughts

As you see, there are many things to consider before getting a Maltese puppy. We have to repeat this – these little furry snowballs are not toys to play with for a short period. They are there to be by your side for their whole life – to love you, be there for you, and enjoy all the wonders of life. So, make sure to take all of these things into account before making a purchase or adopting. Please remember that it’s better not to get a dog than to get it and leave it. Let’s make this world a happier place.