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Looking for a new best friend? Contact Puppy Connector for a variety of breeds available for sale and adoption no matter what area you live in. Our shipping and adoption connections make it easy to expand your family today. We know that adopting a new puppy is a big decision, and we’re here to answer all of your questions throughout the entire process.

Number 1 Resource For Puppies

For years we have been the number 1 resource to help you find professional, trustworthy breeders near you. Finding reputable puppy breeders can be a challenge, and taking risks can lead to heartbreaking scenarios for new puppy owners. Move forward with confidence knowing that your puppy can be matched to you based on your living environment and lifestyle. 

Find Reliable Dog Sellers

By working together with Puppy Connector, you can find reliable dog owners and breeders that offer warranties and records. If you would like help understanding the process in your puppy adoption, or have any other questions, call or contact Puppy Connector today!

Find Better Homes For Your Puppies

Are you a puppy breeder that is looking to find better homes for your puppies? Puppy Connector helps quality breeders find people looking to adopt based on specific breeds and characteristics. Our number one goal is to help you find loving forever homes for your puppies. Find out more about how we connect breeders to people looking for new puppies.  We make listing pups easy and affordable so you can focus on finding the right home without worry. 

Puppies Right To Your Door

Don’t live near the puppy you are adopting? No problem. Our preferred dog transport service provides puppies a safe international or domestic trip. They will customize the logistics of your pet’s move whether it’s a local, national, or international pet journey. Puppy transport service offers peace of mind by making pet relocation safe and stress-free. Learn more here about puppy transportation.

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