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Puppy Advertising with Puppy Connector

Puppy Connector helps breeders place their puppies in good homes.

Advertising your puppy or puppies for sale on our site is quick and easy.

First, create a user account. Second, write your ad, then fill out the form, and add a picture of the puppy you’re selling. That’s it!

At Puppy Connector, we make selling puppies easy. Our No.1 goal is finding your puppies a loving home. Our multi-platform online network attracts thousands of buyers who are looking for puppies for sale nearby. We have a large following on social media platforms, groups, and forums where thousands of people search for their next best friend. Our website reaches prospective buyers to facilitate matches with those hoping to add a puppy to their home.

We offer two options for advertising puppies for sale on Puppy Connector: our standard ad and our featured ad. There is no limit to the number of ads you may place. All ads will stay active for 45 days. We also offer full-service advertising. Call us to schedule your photographer, and we will create the ads your puppies deserve.

Standard Ad

Advertise your puppy on our website. When placing a simple classified ad, you are responsible for photos and ad content. Our custom programming makes it easy to share your listing on your social media platforms to give your puppy the attention he or she deserves.

Ads may only feature one puppy. You may place as many ads as needed. All ads will stay active for 45 days.

We only charge a one-time flat fee of $15, never a commission!

Featured Ad

Upgrade your Standard Ad to a Featured Ad for $79. This option provides your ad maximum exposure by placing your picture in our home-page gallery for the first 21 days. After that, the ad is moved to general ad space for the remainder of the 45 days.

Photography services are available!

This option is recommended for puppies being listed at $500 or more.


Only one puppy per picture is allowed in an advertisement. Puppy Connector reserves the right to remove any advertisement if more than one puppy is displayed on your ad.

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Note: Puppy Connector does not sell dogs or offer any kind of guarantee as to the health, quality, lineage, or any value of any puppies. All puppies purchased through Puppy Connector are covered with a 30-day health guarantee by the seller only.

Benefits Of Puppy Advertising With Puppy Connector

There are countless online and in person adoption options for puppies and dogs these days. This means lots of competition. If you want to stand out from the rest, then placing an ad with us can help you do that. At Puppy Connector, we have a massive database of existing customers, and qualified interested potential adopters that we connect our breeders too. 

We have a system for making sure to show ads only to highly qualified leads which will save you time and money as well as get your puppies sold faster. By utilizing our ads, you can sell more puppies and make sure they are going to good homes. You can avoid scams and sales calls that can often occur when listing online with other public platforms. 

How Is Our Puppy Advertising Different?

When you use puppy advertising through a professional agency like Puppy Connector, it shows that you are a real business rather than a hobbyist when it comes to breeding and selling puppies. People that value the investment they make when it comes to their pets or shows dogs, will always opt for a professional and trustworthy breeder. 

By utilizing our advertising platform, you will stand out from generic online listing services such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You will be able to reach qualified buyers/adopters because they are looking for certain guarantees when they shop at an agency like ours. Our ads are easy to set up, and we have a formula that attracts buyers instead of tire kickers. 

How Many Ads Can I Place?

There is no limit to how many ads you can place with us. If you have a full litter, or several litters, you can place an ad for each puppy in the litter. We organize our ads in a way that makes it easy for your potential shoppers/adopters to see all the pups in the litter. This shows that you have a full healthy litter which creates an even stronger trust with buyers. 

This also gives buyers the chance to see your entire selection, giving you greater chances of selling. You can of course start small with one or two ads and grow as you see results as well. When our breeders have an entire litter listed, it is much easier to see the personality of each puppy shine through. Buyers also get to see which puppies have already been adopted, giving them more incentive to buy now. 

How Long Will My Ad Run For?

When you place an ad with Puppy Connector, you have two options available. As mentioned above, you can select from our Standard Ad, or Featured Ad. Our Standard Ad is best for those that have puppies for sale under $500, as they do not include photos or “done-for-you” service. In the Standard Ad you will set up and create the ad yourself. It will still be easy to set up and go live! Your Standard/Classified ad will run 45 days, and costs only $15 per listing. 

For those with multiple listings, litters and puppies for sale over $500, we highly recommend going with our Featured Ad option. This will include professional photos, and ad copy. We still run the ad for 45 days, however, it will be on the front page for the first 21 days. This gives you a massive advantage of being seen first, and will usually pay off more quickly. After the initial 21 days, your ad will go to the general pages for the remainder of your ad run. You can of course get a Featured Ad for puppies under $500 and still make profit if you prefer.

Ready To Get Started?

Getting your first ad up and running is easy. To speak to a team member for additional questions or to set up your first ad call (717) 429-6650 or email us at [email protected]puppyconnector.com today!